About Us

Solid Ground is a fellowship of consultants and coaches on a shared journey to make a difference – as a team and as partners with the leaders and organizations we support nationwide.  Our path is not just professional.  It’s personal.

    We can’t ignore the far too many social, environmental, and economic challenges people and communities face.  Or the enduring barriers to universal justice and equity.

    We recognize our communities are only as strong as the health and well-being of the most vulnerable and underprivileged among us.  We also are aware that people cannot live unsustainably and ignore the natural environment that sustains life.  

    We want the world to be better, more just, more sustainable.  That’s what binds us to each other.  And it’s what connects us to the amazing leaders and contributors in the nonprofit organizations and public institutions we have the privilege of working with every day.

    Our Vision

    We are working toward a vision of the future where . . .   

    All people flourish in healthy, inclusive communities that protect and provide access to beloved places on a thriving planet. 

    Healthy communities provide all who live in them with equitable access to housing, education, nutritious foods, quality health care, employment, clean water and air, and places they love.  Equity and justice are inherent rights enjoyed by all. 

    Community leaders take none of this for granted.  Building on a lifetime of relationships and tremendous personal capital, leaders help show the way for positive change, but make room for all in the journey.  They forge connections among the people and places that matter.


    Our Mission

    We build the confidence and capacity of leaders to make a difference in their community. 


    Our Values

    Solid Ground is a partner, advocate, and supporter of leaders.  Within our communities, we too are leaders, sharing a fearless commitment to several core values: 

    • Justice.  We actively pursue social and environmental justice in our work, our partnerships, and our lives.
    • Equity.  We seek equity across racial, ethnic, economic, and class lines in our everyday decisions and long-term thinking.
    • Interdependence.  We embrace a healthy interdependence of the human and natural worlds in the face of the climate crisis facing our planet.
    • Collaboration.  Shoulder-to-shoulder with each other and the leaders we serve, we commit our work toward a future of healthy, inclusive communities and beloved places.

    Our Team

    We often think in metaphors at Solid Ground.  One of our favorites is the braid.  A braid yields its strength from plaited individual strands, each strong alone, yet more resilient and, in most cases, more beautiful when interwoven.

    Solid Ground culture reflects our commitment to fellowship.  Collaboration is embedded in all we do – with each other and in partnership with our clients.  We are individuals with distinct backgrounds made stronger as a firm through a shared system of theory and practices in organizational development.

    This symbiosis between diverse talents and a common system – a graceful braid of multiple strands – nurtures the confidence and capacity we work so hard to develop in our clients.

    We hope you’ll take a few minutes to get to know us.

    Marc Smiley

    Cynthia Winter

    Dori Rosenblum


    Christine Rontal


    Tim Howe


    Kaethe Graves