Our Services 

Simply put, in all we do at Solid Ground our goal is to move our clients from where they are, to where they want to be – whether we are engaged in executive search, leadership development, merger or collaboration, strategic planning, fundraising, organizational assessment, or other services.

    What We Do

    We unravel knots. Organizations can be complicated.  We’ve earned the merit badge on how to simplify the complex and point to the core issues.

    We teach success. We help our clients learn, grow, and expand their vision of the difference they can make.

    We find and coach leaders. Sometimes empathetic support is more vital than compelling direction.  Sometimes it takes both.

    We guide teams. If the journey must go through the wilderness, it’s nice to have friend you trust along the way.

    We develop plans. We’re master planners, which is to say we are masters in the concepts of vision, sequence, priority, and follow-through.

    We connect to our clients. They exist to make a difference.  And so do we.


          • Board Development/Governance
          • Brand Assessment
          • Brand Platform Development
          • Campaign Readiness and Planning
          • Coaching
          • Communications Planning
          • Culture Compact Development
          • Equity Assessment and Action Planning
          • Executive Search
          • Issue Resolution/Meeting Facilitation
          • Merger and Collaboration
          • Organizational Assessment
          • Fundraising/Friendraising/Revenue Development
          • Staff/Team Development
          • Strategic Planning
          • Succession Planning